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Lefstein-Suchoff CPA & Associates, LLC takes away this burden from small business owners by offering affordable and quality bookkeeping and payroll services. We handle bookkeeping for many of our clients for numerous reasons.

Maximum Financial Benefit
Firstly, it enables the business owner to focus his or her time and efforts on what they do best so they can yield the maximum financial benefit. For instance, if a principal of a construction company spends hours each week on bookkeeping rather than bidding on new jobs, he is most likely losing money. He can probably earn more money acquiring additional jobs, rather than attempting to do his or her own bookkeeping. Another words, the cost of outsourcing to Lefstein-Suchoff, CPA & Associates, LLC is less than what the owner's additional income would be obtaining new jobs.

Our firm can, under the supervision of a CPA assist you with your bookkeeping needs. We offer monthly or quarterly services, at flat rates. We will collect your source documents such as: bank statements, credit card statements, check stubs, cash expense receipts, etcetera. We will then enter it into our accounting software. We will reconcile your bank statements and even your credit card statements. When we present you with your financial statements such as a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement we will consult with you, review these financials and when deemed necessary make the appropriate suggestions necessary for you to achieve your financial goals. We will assertively apply strategic tax planning to maximize your savings.

We also offer Payroll services for our bookkeeping clients. Aside from computing your payroll amounts, we can enroll your company in EFTPS and the State electronic tax payment system and make all your tax payments electronically (typically monthly). We will also prepare all your quarterly and annual payroll tax returns.

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Bookkeeping & Payroll