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IRS Problems

Are you one of the millions of Americans who find themselves with IRS problems? If so, Lefstein-Suchoff CPA & Associates, LLC may have the solution. At Lefstein-Suchoff CPA & Associates, LLC, we understand that IRS problems have the potential of ruining every aspect of your life, if you let them. They don’t go away on their own. If you owe back taxes, the IRS may soon be sending you a notice to indicate attachment of your wages, your pension, your savings, your property, or even your social security checks.  We know how to deal with the IRS so you don't have to!

Now is the time to act, and we’re here to help you do just that. Our Tax Team has successfully negotiated settlements for our clients, saving them millions of dollars. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Our Solutions Include:

Making an offer of a discounted settlement (Offer in Compromise)
Offer a payment of a lesser amount to wipe out your entire tax liability and release Federal Tax liens.

Asking for an appeal of the taxes owed
Request that the IRS re-examine your case in order to reduce the amount you owe.

Requesting a reduction of penalties
Present valid reasons for your tax problems and have the IRS reduce your penalties to zero.

Offering a payment plan
Offer the IRS an installment agreement plan that is workable for you.

Filing unfiled tax returns (even if the IRS has already filed for you)
You may still file original tax returns for past years, usually reducing the taxes, penalties and interest owed.

We'll represent you in an IRS tax audit
Our experienced negotiators will skillfully assist you in your tax audit and you do not even have to be present.

Innocent or Injured Spouse Representation
Assist taxpayers who have been injured by spouse's or ex-spouse's liabilities.

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IRS Problems

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